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Golden State Builders has been serving the construction industry since 1987.  As an experienced builder, we know how important it is to our clients that the contractor understands they are not just working on a house, but on someone’s home.  Golden State Builders is a progressive, future-focused, family-owned business that’s at the cutting edge of its industry – an approach well matched to that of our clients.  Over the years, our high level of integrity and dedication have made us one of the most respected leaders among Silicon Valley’s construction companies.

Over 50 Years Experience

As a privately owned company, Golden State Builders has no outside investors or joint-venture partners.  Our extensive financial resources let us immediately respond to our our clients with quick, resolute decisions.  Personal involvement of key personnel are always involved in every significant transaction, and key personnel are readily accessible to clients and report directly to the company owners, enabling fast and thorough project reviews and quick decisions to move ahead.  Our philosophy, experience and organizational structure make us unusual among the valley’s construction companies and provide distinct advantages for home-owners and businesses who need fast response, excellent workmanship and careful attention to cost.

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Golden State Builders is your #1 choice for construction and remodeling at any level!